23 Feb 2015

Google Science Fair 2015 Open To Individuals From 13 to 18 Years

The search engine giant just switched on the fifth annual Google science fair in search of bright young minds who can change the world we live in. The Google science fair is one of the biggest event
2 Feb 2015

How To Clear DNS Cache In Mac OS

Due to some unavoidable conditions clearing DNS cache is important for some users of Mac OS. Clearing the DNS cache will help them to resolve the name server properly or notice your Mac computer about the DNS
1 Feb 2015

Facebook Not Opening In Safari On Mac – Fix

I just come across some unusual issue related to accessing Facebook on safari browser in my MacBook. I received an error message “ Safari can’t open the page https://www.facebook.com because safari can’t establish a secure connection to the
7 Jan 2015

How To Cancel PayPal Billing Agreement/Subscription

If you are using paypal,you may be noticed some of the service providers will try to charge you automatically if you paid them via paypal, even you ignore their messages or reminders. I also faced similar issue
9 Dec 2014

How To Edit Microsoft Office Files In Gmail

Search engine giant Google and Microsoft recently came up with a mutual plan to help out their end users with more cloud features such as editing Microsoft office documents in Gmail that arrive as attachments. The new