20 Oct 2014

Ubuntu 15.04 Code Named as Vivid Vervet

Ubuntu celebrating it’s 10th birthday and in this occasion they codenamed their next Ubuntu development version after a monkey Vivid Vervet. During the announcement Ubuntu Founder Mark Shuttleworth said in his blog post; “Vexatious at times, volant
27 Sep 2014

Top Screen Recorder Apps For Windows 8.1

You will look for screen recorder, when you want to share some thing from your desktop. Isn’t it? Today we come up with some of the best windows 8.1 screen recording apps that will work awesome. Some
18 Sep 2014

Doodle 4 Google India : Calling Young Artists

This is the simplest method to become famous on Google India.Design a Doodle and submit it to Doodle 4 Google India contest. As you know,Google home page always shows the official logo in different style which you
18 Sep 2014

Make Chrome To Always Use HTTPS With Your Website

Do you own a website ? Do you want your website to be in Google chrome’s “HSTS ” list aka HTTPS preload list ? Then check this article and lean how you can do it. HTTP Strict
17 Sep 2014

Easily Report Phishing Email Scam To Microsoft

Do you know, how to report fraudulent or spammy email messages to Microsoft? If the answer is NO then this article is for you. What is Phishing Email Scam? Cyber criminals always use Phishing email messages to