30 Mar 2014

How To Create Multi Boot USB

Do you want to create a multi-boot USB ? Then this article is for you. You can create a multi boot USB in different ways and using different softwares. Some third party software will help you just
29 Mar 2014

YouTube Videos Not Playing In Ubuntu : How To Fix

I hope you may be faced similar issue In Ubuntu; I understand, that’s why you are here !!Some of the most common problems found on YouTube includes, the video doesn’t start (load),video loads slowly,video gets stuck,video player is blank with no video.So
25 Mar 2014

Google Mail Checker Extension For Google Chrome

If you look into Google chrome web store you will find thousands of Chrome extensions and apps, But the “By Google” marked one will be the most trustworthy extensions that you can find on the web store. That
20 Mar 2014

HTTPS Encryption Always ON For Gmail Users

Google just enabled the mandatory HTTPS encryption for all it’s Gmail users. This new move will make communication over Gmail servers more secure and reliable and  prevent breach into its security. Nicolas Lidzborski, Gmail Security Engineering chief told
16 Mar 2014

Google Doodle Wishing You Happy Holi 2014

It’s Holi, The festival of colours. The search engine giant Google just decorated their home page logo today with a colourful Holi doodle on it’s Indian home page. The new Holi doodle is simple,attractive and awesome. Instead