7 Jan 2015

How To Cancel PayPal Billing Agreement/Subscription

If you are using paypal,you may be noticed some of the service providers will try to charge you automatically if you paid them via paypal, even you ignore their messages or reminders. I also faced similar issue
9 Dec 2014

How To Edit Microsoft Office Files In Gmail

Search engine giant Google and Microsoft recently came up with a mutual plan to help out their end users with more cloud features such as editing Microsoft office documents in Gmail that arrive as attachments. The new
8 Dec 2014

Install Skype In Ubuntu 14.10 Quickly

Skype, the most popular peer to peer application with millions of active users worldwide. Skype is so simple to install if you are using windows operating system but it in Ubuntu and some other Linux environment it
20 Oct 2014

Ubuntu 15.04 Code Named as Vivid Vervet

Ubuntu celebrating it’s 10th birthday and in this occasion they codenamed their next Ubuntu development version after a monkey Vivid Vervet. During the announcement Ubuntu Founder Mark Shuttleworth said in his blog post; “Vexatious at times, volant
27 Sep 2014

Top Screen Recorder Apps For Windows 8.1

You will look for screen recorder, when you want to share some thing from your desktop. Isn’t it? Today we come up with some of the best windows 8.1 screen recording apps that will work awesome. Some