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5 Online Education Sites Worth Checking Out

Online Education

Education is the key to everything. It changes more drastically than ever as everyone can be educated through the Internet.

Critical thinking is the most important skill that drives people to thrive, so there is no reason not to check out inspirational websites that equip everyone with a better future. Here’s a list of five websites that inspire people online.

TED is a media organisation which stands for technology, entertainment and design. It is well known for different kinds of talks, inviting speakers from a range of backgrounds from education to innovation.

TED-Ed is an initiative that targets youths for educational purposes. It has a broad range of subjects from social studies to mathematics. With a production of animated videos, it allows teachers to create their tailor-made lessons and interact with their students.

It is worth watching because those videos represent the collaboration between TED speakers and fellows, making up new lessons.

School of Life
As its literal meaning goes, the School of Life is a London-based organisation striving to share ideas on emotional well-being both online and real schools in 10 places all over the world.

It has a unique approach to address everyday life issues with theoretical knowledge from psychology, philosophy and culture. Unlike any other traditional schools, it focuses on daily life problems like relationships, meanings of work and so on.

Crash Course
To address the growing culture of impatience, Crash Course is an online platform that gives a glimpse of knowledge in all possible disciplines. Some uncommon subjects such as intellectual property, mythology and study skills are also covered in the platform.

With an aim of providing high-quality educational videos, the production team mainly accompanies high school and college level classes in the US. As creative as it sounds, Crash Course presents information in a fast-paced format in order to enhance the learning experience.

This is one of the most popular websites for university students who want to take different courses from qualified instructors from the world’s finest universities with flexibility.

While a course certificate may be subject to charges, some of the contents are free and academically proven. It is also possible to master a specific career skill through hands-on projects which will benefit for learners’ professional network.

If finance is not a burden, it is recommended to take an online degree because they are more affordable than regular universities.

This is arguably the most useful platform one can find from all the websites on the Internet. It is the access to knowledge with readable how-to guides with the concept of mass-driven knowledge.

Although the content is generated by the users, there are green checkmarks which indicate an article is reviewed by professionals who are specialised in certain fields. It offers as many as 18 languages such as Russian, Vietnamese, and Turkish.

To sum up, it is certainly easy to find information online nowadays, yet not everyone is capable of mastering the skill of filtering truthful information before transforming it into knowledge.

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