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How Technology Has Changed the World


While technology is widely thought to be a modern phenomenon, interestingly it has existed since a while a go. Technological progress in historical times includes the invention of the printing press, the telephone, and the Internet which has significantly changed the world by eliminating physical barriers to communication and enabling humans to interact efficiently on a global scale.
Despite the positive impact of technology, significantly improving the life of humankind, it has also produced unwanted effects. For instance, many technological processes produce pollutants which significantly pollute and deplete natural resources to the detriment of the Earth’s environment.
Additionally, technology has led to the detrimental of society’s values raising questions of technology particularly in the areas of human productivity and bioethics. In this regard, here are some of the ways technology has changed the world.

  1. It has simplified communication
    Technology has reduced the world to a global village attributed to the innovation of the internet, computer and social media, conferencing tools, and mobile tools to communicate with anyone around the globe. This was not possible in the past as communication was cumbersome and faced with numerous physical barriers. Today, sending messages or documents takes a matter of seconds as compared to all the time it did before.
  2. Educational Advances
    Technology has significantly transformed education and learning methods. In the past, it was tough and almost impossible to obtain specific information, data, and knowledge quickly and efficiently. One had to go through loads of books, journals, and documents to collect certain information which sometimes was unavailable. However, due to technology through the internet, it is possible to find so much relative information quickly and resourcefully via the use of search engines.
    Technology has also led to the E-learning thereby making it possible to complete an online degree in the comfort of your home or office. More research is being done in the fields of machine learning with high possibilities that robots and machines may start contributing to training people.
  3. Technology has Changed Human Habits and Addictions
    Most people have developed new habits and addictions. The use of social media and the internet at large has been proven to be highly addictive. This has caused many teenagers and young adults to be so glued to their smartphones and ultimately decreasing their productivity. Most teenagers are unable to live without their phones resulting in withdrawal symptoms. Controversially, social media companies have continually used Artificial Intelligence to glue users to the platform, in turn, earning enormous revenues in advertisements.
    Technology has undoubtedly changed the world in both positive and negative ways in the various aspects of life. Depending on how you employ its use, technology has massive potential in your daily life. It can transform your lifestyle for the better. Make sure to check out all the advantages and disadvantages it has to offer.
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