How To Fix : A Plugin ( Shockwave Flash ) Isn’t Responding On Google Chrome

Past few days was really annoying,My Google chrome windows client got crashed most of the time when I open any web page,Later I found this issue was only happening in my Google chrome web browser.All other browsers including internet explorer,Mozilla firefox are working fine.

I discussed this issue with my few colleagues and as per them it was due to the Google chrome confusion ? Because if your computer already have a flash version installed and your google chrome also have a internal installation of flash,the net result is serious browser lag and sudden crash of all active flash instances.

Once all your Google chrome flash instances got crashes you will get a message A plugin ( Shockwave Flash ) Isn’t Responding.Stop Plugin or  The following plugin has crashed: Shockwave Flash.


Shockwave flash crash

What you will do in this case? There is actually no any problems with flash but the multiple flash instances causing this Google chrome bug.Now let you know how it fix this issue.

Step 1 : Open your Google chrome and in the address bar type ” about:plugins ” and enter.Now you will get all the active plugins on your Google chrome installation.In my case you can see the complete list below.


Step 2 : Now check for flash plugin from the list.In my case you can see Flash (3 Files).If your Google chrome browser also showing entries like this means there is flash conflict between the three adobe flash instances.

Step 3 : Now expand the Plugins by pressing the + Details button on the  upper right hand corner and look for the Flash (3 Files).In my case you will see three different installations of flash.

Step 4 : Next step is to disable the links for chrome’s internal installation of Flash. Some of you may be got  confused how to find out which one is Google chrome internal installation of flash ? Don’t worry ! It is very easy to catch,it will be in Google chrome’s AppData folder.The windows adobe flash instance will be found  in the folder named Windows.

If you look into my case I have two instances of internal adobe flash installations on my Google chrome windows client, also there you can see one windows installation of flash,a total of three flash installations.


Make sure you are disabling the right flash installation.In my case I have to diable two instances of flash from my Google chrome.


Step 5 : Restart Google chrome and start normal browsing.

Please not that you just now disabled internal flash installation on Google chrome,Means when ever Google chrome updates automatically you will not get upgraded to the latest flash version.It should be done through adobe flash auto updater or manual update from your PC.

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