How to Report a Bad Driver

How to Report a Bad Driver

Some people have been in situations before where they’ve had to report a bad driver. However, if you’ve never had you, you may not know how to. Whether someone cuts you off, drives too close, or uses their phone while driving, you may be able to report them. If you’ve never had to before, here is what you need to know about reporting a bad driver. 

Is it Reportable?

Before you can report a bad driver, you have to make sure it’s worth reporting. If it’s not worth reporting, you’ll just be wasting your time on something that can’t really be fixed. That said, here are some things you usually can’t report a driver for:

  • Cutting you off on the road
  • Making a rude gesture or remark
  • Driving too close to you
  • Not using a signal to turn or merge

You may be able to report these incidents in some states, but for the most part, it’s not likely. However, a few things you’ll want to make sure to report include:

  • Someone physically threatening you
  • Someone texting or calling while driving
  • Running red lights or stop signs
  • Hitting road signs or other vehicles

Overall, if it seems like the driver could cause danger to you or others on the road, you should report them. If not, allow the driver to pass and keep your distance from them. 

Safely Gather As Much Information as You Can

If you find yourself having to report a bad driver, you’ll want to take down as much of their information as you can. Some things you’ll want to take note of include:

  • Their car’s make and model
  • License plate numbers
  • A physical description of the driver and any passengers
  • Any defining features of their vehicle

If you are alone in your car, you should pull over to take down this information. After all, it’s extremely dangerous to use your phone while you are driving. If you have a passenger with you, ask them if they would take down the necessary information. 

Report the Driver Using an App or Website

In most cases, your local police station can assist you with reporting a dangerous driver. With that, you may be able to make a report through their website or other form of social media. You can start by doing an internet search for “How to report a dangerous driver in [city]” to see the easiest method. If you can’t find anything online, call the local police station using the non-emergency line. Make sure to include all the information you have available.

Call 911 if it’s Serious Enough

If a driver is actively dangerous, you should call 911. Although you should avoid this unless the driver is seriously dangerous to you and others on the road. Here are some scenarios where you’d want to call 911:

  • Consistent weaving in and out of lanes
  • Showing or pointing a weapon at someone else
  • Driving 30+ miles over the speed limit
  • Blatantly driving into other cars

You shouldn’t take up the 911 line unless it’s a real emergency. However, if the driver seems extremely dangerous, call 911 to report the issue.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve had to report a driver before, you know it’s not easy. However, it can help keep you and others safe. Make sure that you are familiar with driving as well as knowing the tips and tricks of parking in Manchester.

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