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5 Benefits to Adding Meditation to your Fitness Routine


Regular exercise is one of the best and most reliable ways of maintaining a fit and healthy body. There are different kinds of exercises most of which are specifically aimed at different parts of the body. The kind of exercise to be indulged in and the duration all depend on the particular goal the individual is trying to achieve. Be it for body building or simply to keep fit and strong, it is important that people include meditation in our fitness routine to ensure a complete work out experience. Our minds need exercise as well.
There are different kinds of meditation but what they all share is their capacity to calm your mind. Meditation is simply the training of the mind to concentrate, to focus and redirect ones thought. The benefits of this practice are undeniably beneficial to our general wellbeing. Below are 5 of those benefits that make adding meditation to your fitness routine a must do.

Cortisol as a stress reduction hormone is undoubtedly beneficial to your mental wellbeing. However, excess of it actually becomes counterproductive leading to fatigue, sleep depression, cloudy thinking, etc. which leaves you feeling weak and irritated especially after a sweaty work out. Ending your routine with a meditation technique helps decrease the level of cortisol in your system invariably translating to less stress.

Focusing your mind and redirecting your thoughts helps you get a clearer mental picture of your surroundings. Meditation introduces calmness and gentleness of thought that tempers one’s anxiety and puts you in a frame of mind in which you can truly relax.

Pain has always been described as a concept of thought. Sometimes you feel pain in certain areas of your body which do not suffer from any physical trauma. Such pain is referred to as psychosomatic pain. This arises due to high level of stress which in some cases is aggravated by mental trauma. Meditation helps alleviate such pain. Forms of meditation such as Yoga or mantra chants are perfect in dealing with such condition.

High blood pressure leads to atherosclerosis which is the narrowing of the arteries. This in turn can lead to cardiac arrests or strokes. Yoga and some other meditation techniques are perfectly suited for this as they are capable of relaxing the nerve signals that conduct heart functions.

Meditation has been described in some quarters as the weight lifting of the mind. Focused thought in a relaxed atmosphere with deep repeated controlled breathing serves as dumbbells to one’s mental alertness. The more time you spend meditating the better your mind gets at concentration, be it at work, school or any other task that requires mental effort.
No fitness routine is complete if it does not begin, incorporate or end with meditation. Proper training of the mind is vital. It is important that your fitness routine is well thought out and crafted in a manner that ensures both physical and mental correctness.

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