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5 Magical Winters You Must Witness Before You Die


It is that time of the year again when everything is covered in snow. To some, this is among the best time to travel out of the country in some place warmer. To others, it is a time to get those heavy jackets at the back of the wardrobe. Most of those that travel choose destinations where the sun is hot and spend most of their time relaxing on the sandy beaches. Is winter that bad? (well, apart from the cold).

In our weekly segment, we have resolved to change your mind about winter. It is time we provide you with a list of places you need to visit before you die. Forget lying on your couch all day with a few blankets. It is time you visit magical sceneries that are only available in the winter. Therefore, do not feel bad when all your friends travel to tropical countries during winter, you too can have some fun in the winter.

  1. The icy waterfalls in Croatia
    According to a recent travel report, most people choose to visit Croatia during summer when the climate is conducive for laying on the beach all day and the many photos at the stunning sceneries in the region. On the other hand, people do not realize that the best time to visit Croatia is during the winter season. During winter, Croatia’s waterfalls turn to ice leaving a despicable site that you should see before you die. Plan to visit and experience this magical winter.
  2. The monkey park is amazing
    It is hard to imagine how animals survive the cold season, right? When everyone else can purchase two or more jackets to survive the winter, these creatures cannot do that. If you are interested in knowing what some of the animals do in the winter, you should visit the monkey park in Japan. The snow monkeys will make your day watching them spend hours in the hot springs and avoid the cold during the winter.
  3. Canadian national parks
    Beauty lies within the beholder’s eye, therefore, if you want real beauty, you should visit the Banff national park in Canada. You should see Lake Moraine’s amazing reflections of the surrounding snowy valley peaks. This scenery would look good for a romantic date away from all the noise and huge crowds.
  4. Norway is fun
    Skiing on the snow sounds like a great idea for most people. In Norway during winter, you do not have to spend countless hours waiting for the bus or a train or even waiting for the green light. It is the time to go for outdoor skiing to school, to work and even for a date. Plan to visit Norway soon you will love it too.
  5. Icy caves in Iceland
    Caves around us are but made of stones but in winter Iceland, there are more than just stony caves. It is time you witnessed an ice cave. The walls are made of ice and you walk seeing the beautiful walls. These caves are worth your time; include it in your schedule this year.


You do not have to spend hours in your room this winter season. It is time you and your family got to travel to places you did not know were fun. According to recent research, traveling in winter is not only fun but also less expensive than during the summer. Save a few dollars this year while watching magical sceneries this winter!

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