Common reasons why your signal drops

faulty signal

Signal dropping can happen in any situation. You might be lying in your bed, taking your children to school, or sitting in your nice living room. You are texting or having an important phone conversation when suddenly your signal drops. Is this happening again? Don’t get mad or think about changing carrier. Maybe it’s not their fault this time. There are many reasons why reception can be faulty. One solution could be using a Yes Optus signal booster. But keep on reading if you would like to know why this is happening to you.

Too many people using their phones at the same time

Look around and you will see that most people are using their phones. Those who are waiting in a traffic jam, those who are driving using their hands-free phones. Even those who are walking down the street while chatting with their friends. All of them are texting or calling someone. And all their devices are fighting for the chance to connect to the closest phone tower.

The good part is that, once they are able to connect, your call will probably not drop. But the more people are trying to connect, the weaker your connection will be. The problems arise if you are moving and your connection is transferred to another tower. If that tower is already full, your call will fail.

Thick materials

This is the most common cause of a weak signal in the world. Thick walls made of metal or plaster tend to interfere with the connection between phones and the nearest tower. And these walls are everywhere: banks, grocery shops, and even your house.

If you have problems with signal reception in the same places, then you already know what is causing them. The good thing is that this can be easily solved if you go outdoors or stand close to a window.

You might be running out of battery

Having a strong battery is of vital importance. It can be annoying having to charge your phone at least once a day. But don’t forget to do that. Having a low battery can make your phone signal weaker. So you might end up having poor reception when you need it the most. One of the crucial things that a phone needs to work properly is energy. Always remember to charge your phone. Especially if you’re going to go out of your house for a long time.

Horrible weather conditions

You might know already that cell phones work using electromagnetic waves. These waves, then, cannot transmit well when the weather is bad. Some things that can affect your phone reception are thunderstorms, snow, heavy rain, and wind. Especially in Australia, where the wheather changes so much. There’s nothing you can do against the power of nature. So, be patient and brave the storm. The good thing about this is that your phone signal will surely improve as soon as the bad weather is over.

Using your signal when you truly need it is annoying. Moreover, it is not acceptable nowadays, when we need our devices working all the time. Identifying the cause of this faulty signal can help when improving it.

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