Fireplace Tools Which You Need For Safety and Fire Management


After many years of them being blocked up, many homeowners are now unleashing the power of their open fires and they are beginning to unblock the chimneys and create a beautiful fireplace which they can use for their roaring hearth. After the arrival of central heating many believed that the open fire was a feature which the home didn’t need, forgetting the fact that sitting in front of a hearth is one of the most beautiful sensations you can have in the home. If you are planning to unblock your chimney and once again enjoy the benefits of a fire in the home, you will need to get the right fireplace tools, and here is what you’ll need.


Tongs will come in handy for all manner of reasons from moving the fire about to heat more fuel, adding an additional log and even to remove a foreign object which may have fallen into the fire. The choice of tongs is up to you but you should absolutely be looking for a set of tongs which are long so that you don’t need to get too close to the fire, they should also have heat-proof handles because you do not want that heat to travel up the metal to your hand.


A fireplace screen is one of the most important tools which you can buy for your hearth and this is of paramount importance because of its safety features. In basic terms the screen will stop any of the fire coming out of the fireplace meaning that embers and sparks cannot cause any damage. We have seen too many times were an ember flies out of the fire, lands on a carpet or a rug and before the homeowner knows it their entire home is in flames, it sounds extreme but it has happened. A screen will make sure that the fire will stay where it should do, in the fire.


Fires need oxygen in order to keep going and when you need to add oxygen you should never ever lean down and blow into the fire, not unless you want singed eyebrows and 3rd degree burns of course. The perfect solution to this problem is a set of bellows which, when opened and closed, will suck in air and then blow it back out onto the fire. You can use these when the fire is dying out, when you are trying to get it going or even when you have added new logs to the fire.


Tongs can be sure to get things out of the fire and they are usually sold in a set with a solid metal poker. The poker can come in very handy to move the fire about, break up logs or pieces of fuel and even to puncture holes for the air to flow through the fire better. Much the same as the tongs you should look to buy a poker which is long and which has a heat-proof handle.

With these tools you will be ready to go.

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