Glass Pool Railings for a Safe, Stylish Backyard

glass pool fence

Glass pool railings are a popular option for enclosing a pool area while maintaining personal style. What are some of the reasons to choose a glass pool railing? Not only is it very beautiful and safe, but it will last for a long time and add value to any property. Glass pool railings will also make a small backyard space seem much larger, as they maximize visibility and light. Another benefit is the versatility. Glass pool railings fit perfectly with any landscape and aesthetic.

There are a couple factors to consider when choosing a glass pool railing system. It must be able to withstand high-wind zones and be able to take a reasonable amount of impact from Mother Nature. Look for tempered safety glass at least ½” thick, and hardware made from stainless steel or high-quality aluminum. Among all the types of pool railings out there, glass railings would have to be the best. Wood and metal railings do not last as long, compared to glass railings. They can rust or rot and often require routine replacement of parts. The maintenance of glass railings is fairly simple because it doesn’t chip nor rust. Pools take in a huge amount of water and since they are outdoors, are exposed to harsh weather conditions. It has been proven that glass is able to withstand this impact.

A frameless glass railing is not only sleek but it is also easy to DIY if you have some construction knowledge. If not, there are many quality installers out there who can assist with your project. Using a glass railing adds more to the appearance than the naked eye would see. Glass pool fencing is a limitless canvas to express your creativity and individual style. The glass can be tinted, as well as engraved, and its even possible to add artwork. Whether it is a simple design or a extravagant layout, glass pool fencing is extremely customizable and a great choice for any backyard project.

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