hat You Should Know Before You Start Growing Weed in Canada

Growing Weed in Canada

With the recent legalization of recreational weed in Canada, more and more Canadians are smoking, vaping, dabbing, and eating cannabis. Not only are more people hopping on the weed train, but some have even started to grow their own recreational plants.

With the passing of the Cannabis Act in October 2018, recreational weed use wasn’t the only thing that became legal. Canadians in most areas of the country can grow up to four plants for recreational use.

For those who have been avid cannabis enthusiasts for years but feared the consequences of growing illegally, this was amazing news. Not only can you walk into a dispensary and buy your bud, you can grow your favorite strains at home.

But slow down before you start the growing process in Canada, Here are a few things you should know before you start growing your own weed.

Growing recreational plants isn’t legal everywhere

Many people assume that the new allowances for growing your own plants from home applies to everyone in Canada. But it turns out not everyone can experience the luxury of growing weed on their own. Most provincial governments throughout the government are allowing it, but not every one.

For example, Ontario residents are more than welcome to start growing, but their nearby neighbors in Quebec aren’t allowed. Always look into your specific province’s rules and regulations before you do anything weed-related.

There is an easy way to get a higher plant count

Even though being able to grow four recreational plants was a big win for Canadians, four plants is actually not a lot at all. If you have a mild weed-smoking habit then sure, four cannabis plants might be enough for you. But if you smoke for medical reasons, four plants might not cut it.

For all the medical smokers out there, you’ll definitely want access to more than just four plants. You definitely have the option of ordering your weed online from licensed dispensaries or hitting up government retail locations. But sadly these products are all extremely overpriced and overtaxed.

There is an even better option, and that is applying for your ACMPR license for legal weed in Canada. You can easily receive a grow license for medical purposes, and your plant count will be much higher than four; some medical growers even have permission to grow upwards of 500 plants!

It’s four plants for household, not per resident

This is another common misconception among Canadians who are legally allowed to grow. Be sure that if you are indeed taking advantage of the new grow laws, you only have four plants in the entire house.

So even if you live with 3 other roommates, no. You cannot grow 4 plants per person. Nice try, but that won’t fly with the law enforcement officers that bust you. 

Each province has different regulations for growing recreational plants

Not all provincial governments are the same, so not all laws around growing recreationally are the same either. Be sure to read carefully before you start your grow op. Some provinces have stricter regulations than others; you might be required to keep your plants under a certain height or in a specific enclosed area of you living space.

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