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Landscaping Tips from Expert Gardeners


Do you want to tidy your landscape but you are afraid gardening might exhaust you? It can be fun but at the same time a bit demanding since plants need keen attention and you must provide the necessary conditions for them to thrive.
Take a look at a few tricks from expert gardeners to ensure your garden yields the best results;

  1. Have a container garden
    Putting plants in containers ensures neatness and makes it easy for the gardener to water the plants. You can save water by using big containers or pots, which will take longer to dry out.
  2. Lighten the heavy pots
    You can take the weight off the heavy containers by placing packing peanuts at the bottom of the pot, about halfway. Between the peanuts and soil, you can place a piece of fabric then add your soil.
  3. Keep a garden portfolio
    Use an old album, or purchase a new one to make a scrapbook. This helps you to keep tabs on your garden. You can add any information you think is essential and even add photos in the scrapbook. You can pinpoint exactly where the plants are in the garden.
  4. Keep your tools organized
    You should keep your tool shed arranged to avoid wasting time during your gardening sessions. Having pots, compost and even tools in stock will prevent you from running up and down in the garden center when you want to start gardening or when feed and fertilizer run out.
  5. Choose plants that are easy to maintain
    High maintenance plants can drain you as they’ll need more attention to ensure they don’t wilt or die. Low maintenance plants are manageable; they are easy to care for thus makes gardening more fun.
  6. Help root bound plants
    Plants grown in the pot may run out of space to spread their roots. The roots might end up entangled resulting into forming tight circles of roots. This entanglement prevents the plant from absorbing enough water and nutrients. You can help the roots by directing them outward with your fingers, and if the roots are tough, it is recommended you use a knife to make vertical cuts in the root ball carefully.
  7. Use plastic bottle as a water reservoir
    Get a plastic bottle and cut off its bottom ensuring it’s the same height as your pot. Put it into the soil before planting any new sprout. Fill the bottle with water especially on hot days. The water will drip slowly getting straight into the roots.
  8. Construct an easy to read rain gauge
    You should add a food coloring at the bottom of your rain gauge. When it rains, the rainwater will mix with the food coloring which will make the water level more visible thus easy to read. This will help track the amount of rainfall required to maintain your plants.
  9. Create a shovel that is non-stick
    This will help with your cleaning and avoid making a mess. You can spray the shovel with a Teflon lubricant or a silicone lubricant to make it non-stick. Shoveling will be a breeze.
  10. Use plastic bins as mini-greenhouses
    Clear plastic bins can be used as mini greenhouses for growing seedlings. They are cheap and are also versatile making them a good choice.
    Landscaping can be a fun activity, but if you are not aware of the above gardening hacks, it can turn out to be a stressing venture. Also, do more research and get as much information as you can, maybe you can come across more tricks worth trying in your garden.
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