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Background checks are a great way for businesses to vet new staff who they plan to bring into the company and it forms a key part of the recruitment process. Many companies fail to perform background checks and in doing so they are leaving themselves wide open for a huge number of problems. A background check is incredibly simple to carry out and there are many companies like My Background Checks, who do a brilliant job and returning large amounts of information about someone. If you do decide to use a company like this to background check your staff, here is the kind of information which you will be able to receive about someone.

Criminal Past

One of the most important checks which is carried out is looking into the criminal history of the person who has applied for your position. The hiring of a criminal is your choice of course but at the very least you should know what you are getting into, and you should also be aware of the severity of the crime, after all there are some which aren’t forgivable. The criminal check will give you details of crimes committed at county, state and federal level.


The embellishment which many people do to their educational histories in order to try and improve their chances of getting a job will only work if the company doesn’t perform a background check. IF you do carry out this kind of check however then you will be able to see straight away that this person has lied and that they lack integrity, which of course will result in them unable to get the position.

Driving History

The background check will also show up all of the information relating to someone’s driving history and if the job entails using a company vehicle you will of course want to know that the person has a clean license. The background check will give you information about their license status, any misdemeanors or traffic violations, penalties and any driving convictions, it will even tell you how many accidents the applicant has been involved in. This is a key check for anyone who is hiring drivers and it should never be missed.

Credit Check

You may question as to why this background check would search into someone’s credit file but it can actually tell you a lot about the person. If you are hiring someone for a position which involves handling money or dealing with accounts, you will need to know that this is someone who is able to do so, and that they can be responsible when it comes to money. If this person has a terrible credit history or if they are in debt which is poorly managed, you have to ask yourself whether you can really trust this person to handle the accounts of the business.

Don’t ever miss a background check because in doing so you could wind up facing some very serious consequences.

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